Monday, March 19, 2012

Did you?

I know you had to have received some of the 132,795,840+ recorded calls in the past few days and even weeks so I hope you exercised your right to vote for the candidate you feel will best represent your interests.  Or at the very least, the best available candidate which is the category I fell into for some positions.  

It seems I've been here a lot in the past few years.  Not certain that the person who got my vote is who I really want to be doing the job but when you have no better options, you just close your eyes and take a stab.  right?  Ugh!  I hate this feeling but then again, who in their right mind would be willing to have their whole life splattered across the tvs and newspapers for the whole world to see every little lapse in common sense?  You almost have to be crazy.....and gutsy.... to run for any political position on most any level.  This may be the reason we have such a small pool to choose from.  Those who would do the job well are too smart to relive their mistakes through the press.  I think we're in for a few more difficult years no matter who wins.

I vote for lower gas prices, more jobs, better schools and stiffer penal systems!  Let the inmates work on the  chain gang and pay their own way.  Make parents responsible for the children's discipline and let teachers teach!  And for heaven sake's lets drill at home!!

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